Phoebe Bridgers ‘Pretty Much Had Diarrhea All Day From Nerves’ Before Her ‘SNL’ Performance

Last year, Phoebe Bridgers revealed that she once accidentally pooped herself on stage. It’s embarrassing, sure, but things like that can happen sometimes. It turns out Bridgers recently had other fecal-related goings-on before her Saturday Night Live performance, as she revealed on Desus And Mero.

Bridgers was asked where the performance ranks amongst all of her experiences and she responded, “Very, very high, but also… yeah, I don’t know, I…” Bridgers trailed off before letting out a laugh, seemingly taking preemptive delight in what she was about to say. She continued, “I pretty much had diarrhea all day from nerves, but it was great. I think I was more excited for it to be over because it was so nerve-wracking, but it was really cool.”

She went on to talk about smashing the guitar on stage and the reactions to that, topics she has touched on before in multiple interviews. Elsewhere during the conversation, she talked about her Saddest Factory record label, saying she’s looking forward to devoting more time to it: “This album cycle has been so, so long that I think the next thing that I want to do… I started a record label over lockdown, which is so dumb, but I did. So we have some cool stuff that I’m working on and [I] can’t wait to kind of take a back seat and work on somebody else’s records for a while.”

Check out the full interview above.