The Regrettes Recruit Olivia Rodrigo To Guest Star In Their 2000s-Inspired Video For ‘Monday’

Much of Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour is indebted to 2000s-era rock and punk music, so it’s not surprising that she’s a fan of The Regrettes, whose new song “Monday” has a similar aesthetic. In fact, Rodrigo actually guest stars in the track’s video, which premiered today.

The clip takes place at a school dance at some point in the 2000s, and Olivia Rodrigo is there to DJ the proceedings. At one point in the video, the song cuts out, which leads to Rodrigo’s apologetically scrolling through her iPod Video (or iPod Classic, depending on the specific model) to find the song.

The band’s Lydia Night explains that the song was written during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns and how that period took a major toll on her:

“At the time I was pretty much at the peak of my anxiety disorder, every morning I was waking up and absolutely dreading the idea of functioning and being ‘productive’ (whatever the hell that even means) for another day. Like most of us, I was still at home, where all my issues still existed. So, whatever I was dealing with didn’t slowly fade away while stuck in traffic on the way to go write somewhere. I didn’t have the space to think of “what do I want to write about,” instead, I just rolled out of bed and all my horrible f*cking thoughts were still with me, just waiting to be unboxed.

As LA locked down, I felt a huge part of my Identity and ego being stripped away because of no touring, and no connecting with people at our shows. I’ve been touring since about age 12, so I had to come up with a new way to function in the world. It was really rough, and still is rough, but I found writing this song to be super therapeutic.

It’s special that this is the first song we’ve put out in a while because it’s an important moment in time for me to mark. Part of the healing process for me is really learning and trying my best to keep on dancing the pain away so I hope people can relate to that and dance with me, even if it’s not at a show and in the safety of their own kitchen.”

Watch the “Monday” video above.

The Regrettes is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.