If You Work On The ‘Rolling Stone’ Music Team, Smash Mouth Are Coming For You

If you were on Music Twitter yesterday, you probably saw — and had opinions on — Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list. “For the first time in 17 years, we’ve completely remade our list of the best songs ever,” the veteran publication wrote in a tweet. “More than 250 artists, writers, and industry figures helped us choose a brand-new list full of historic favorites, world-changing anthems, & new classics.”

Anyway, I’m sure the curators of Rolling Stone‘s songs list expected some level of pushback from fans and artists, but I’m EXTRA-sure they did not expect Smash Mouth to come for them. Now, what specifically did Smash Mouth take umbrage with? Well, I’ll tell you. Smash Mouth, arbiters of justice that they are, did not take kindly to the fact that “All Star” — the song that probably still pays their monthly overhead costs 20+ years after being released — did not make it onto the list.

“Is ALL STAR not on this list?????????????????????? Are we missing something???????????????????????” the band wrote to RS on Twitter. And they didn’t leave it there. Smash Mouth got in every single blurb writer’s mentions, asking, “This you?”







Hey now, guys. This may(?) have started as a joke, but let’s not take it to the mentions. Those are sacred.