Tim Heidecker Pokes Fun At Giuliani’s Total Landscaping Speech With The Song ‘Rudy At The 4 Seasons’

There is perhaps no greater example of situational comedy than when Rudy Giuliani spewed factually incorrect statements about voter fraud outside of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company in Philedelphia shortly after Biden’s victory. The event was so unexpectedly ridiculous that even comedy king Tim Heidecker couldn’t have imagined it for a sketch. Taking the opportunity to poke fun at the event, Heidecker quickly penned a satirical song titled “Rudy At The 4 Seasons.”

While seated at a piano, Heidecker delivered the hilarious tune which covered the ludicrousness of Giuliani’s recent speech in clever prose. “Standing out in front of a pile of manure / Spitting out lies that belong in the sewer / All while your boss is swinging his head in the sand / He sends you out to make a one last stand / You thought you were headed to a four star hotel / Just a couple of miles from the Liberty Bell,” Heidecker sang.

The comedian of course couldn’t help but also include a line mentioning Giuliani’s incriminating scene in Borat 2. “With your hand down your pants maybe you don’t wanna do a hotel / Maybe next time / You and your friends can find / Someplace that isn’t next to a dildo store,” Heidecker said.

Heidecker’s parody song arrives after the comedian shared a non-comedic album of his own. Back in September, the comedian debuted his LP Fear Of Death, which also featured a morbid collaboration with Weyes Blood.

Listen to Heidecker’s “Rudy At The 4 Seasons” above.