Tim Heidecker And Weyes Blood Confront Death On ‘Nothing’

Tim And Eric star Tim Heidecker has proven his musical chops beyond the silly songs from his show. He has released some more serious music and has more on the way with his upcoming album, Fear Of Death. He previewed the project earlier this month with the title track, on which Weyes Blood contributes piano and vocals. The pair worked together on more than one track, as she co-wrote and sings with Heidecker on his latest single, “Nothing.”

Like the rest of Fear Of Death, the song addresses dying, with lyrics like, “Nothing: That’s what it amounts to, they say / A black void waitin’ down the road for us one day / But It’s alright don’t listen to me / I could be wrong let’s wait and see / But if you see me in heaven just let me be.”

Heidecker previously spoke about how grateful he was to have collaborators like Weyes Blood work on the project, saying, “This record is a dream come true for me. I got to work with some of the best, and nicest, musicians in town who helped me take some shabby, simple tunes and turn them into something I’m really proud of.”

He also said of the album’s dark themes, “I didn’t know that this record was going to be so focused on death when I was writing it. It took a minute for me to stand back and look at what I was talking about to realize that, yes, I am now a middle-aged man and my subconscious is screaming at me: ‘You are getting old, dude! You are not going to live forever! Put down that cheeseburger!'”

Listen to “Nothing” above.

Fear Of Death is out 9/25 via Spacebomb. Pre-order it here.