Trent Reznor Condemns Marilyn Manson In A New Statement

Trent Reznor was a big presence in Marilyn Manson‘s early career. The Nine Inch Nails vocalist signed Manson to his label Nothing Records, produced his first two albums, and brought him on as an opening act for one of the band’s early tours. Despite this, the relationship between Reznor and Manson would eventually turn sour. Fast-forward to the present and Manson is now facing accusations of sexual assault and mental abuse from his former finance, Evan Rachel Wood, who accused him of “grooming” and “horrifically abusing” her during their relationship.

In the wake of Wood’s accusations, a passage from Manson’s 1998 The Long Hard Road Out of Hell biography resurfaced on social media, detailing an alleged incident involving him and Reznor. Reznor addressed both his current relationship with Manson and the incident in question. “I have been vocal over the years about my dislike of Manson as a person and cut ties with him nearly 25 years ago,” Reznor said in a statement to Pitchfork. “As I said at the time, the passage from Manson’s memoir is a complete fabrication. I was infuriated and offended back when it came out and remain so today.”

According to Pitchfork, the passage came from an unpublished 1995 interview with Empyrean Magazine, which Manson decided to use for the book after the publication cited “unethical interview procedures” were used to gain information from him. In it, Manson says the two “poked our fingers into the birth cavity” of a heavily intoxicated woman.

(via Pitchfork)