The War On Drugs Join The Rolling Stones For A Thumping Remix Of ‘Scarlet’

The Rolling Stones are getting ready to re-release their 1973 album Goats Head Soup, and it features something pretty special for classic rock fans: Added as a bonus track is a previously unheard collaboration between the group and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, “Scarlet.” They released the song last month, and now The War On Drugs have been given the privilege of remixing the song.

Adam Granduciel added some instrumentation and took a slightly different approach to the track, keeping its structure pretty much the same but adding a greater sense of The War On Drugs-y urgency in the rhythm section. Granduciel said of the remix:

“I just re-imagined the song as if I had Mick, Keith and Jimmy in the room with me. After messing with my Linn Drum for a bit, the song fell into this double time thing and I just went with it. I called my friend and bandmate, Dave Hartley, to fill out the bass on the new groove. Then I figured if I had Jimmy Page in the room I’d probably ask him to plug into my favorite rack flanger so that’s what I did. My friend Anthony LaMarca added some last minute percussion. I’m so honored to have gotten to work on this especially since ‘Angie’ was probably the first ‘rock’ song that I asked to be played on repeat when I was really young. Hope you enjoy it!”

Listen to “Scarlet (The War On Drugs Remix)” above.