White Reaper Have Made One Of The Year’s Catchiest Rock Songs With Their New Single ‘Real Long Time’

White Reaper’s 2017 album The World’s Best American Band put them on the rock radar, and a couple months ago, they began their return with a new single, “Might Be Right.” Fans looking for more evidence that another new album might be on the way ought to be pleased today, as the group has shared another new single, “Real Long Time.” It’s a guitar-led jam that’s as catchy as anything you’ll hear on pop radio. The song is also accompanied by a video directed by Lance Bangs, who has worked with plenty of great rock bands before White Reaper, including Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel, Arcade Fire, and Pavement.

The group haven’t formally announced their new album yet, but they did reveal that they hope to have it out this fall. The band’s Sam Wilkerson said that it stays true to their artistic values, despite their signing to major label Elektra Records: “All of our records are super different, and I think that’s on purpose because we’re just always evolving and we don’t want to do the same thing twice. But all the songwriting on this one was all us. People might have the idea in their head that once you go major label, they have all the control. But in this case, that was not true.”

Watch the video for “Real Long Time” above, and revisit our 2017 interview with White Reaper here.