This Shockingly Expensive Popcorn Probably Shouldn’t Exist, But 2 Chainz Sampled It Anyway

The entire appeal of popcorn is that it’s inexpensive and has no real taste of its own. As Terry Pratchett once wrote “If you put butter and salt on it, it tastes like salty butter.” But it turns out that there are folks out there who don’t understand this: gourmet popcorn makers who coat their popcorn in exotic spices and actual f*cking gold. But getting a new episode of 2 Chainz amazing web-series Most Expensivest Sh*t almost makes the existence of 23K gold popcorn worth it.

Tity 2 Necklace tries out a few of Berco’s Popcorn‘s more pedestrian flavors (white cheddar, caramel and white truffle) which all sell for a movie-theater-comparable $6 a pack. But then Berco whips out the main event, a popcorn covered in gold flake and expensive Danish salt that he sells for $5… per kernel. A Christmastime tub sells for the far more reasonable price (at least relatively) of $500.

“Can you believe that somebody bought a kernel of popcorn with gold and expensive salt for $5?” asks an incredulous Chainz (and it’s worth noting that he’s smoked $800/ounce weed and listened to $30,000 headphones). No Chainz, we can’t.

Us plebeians might not be able to drop $500 on a light snack, but we can feel our own brand of fancy with bacon popcorn.