Check Out The List Of 2017’s ‘Most Googled Cocktails’

12.13.17 2 years ago


Another year is about to come to an end. That means that it’s time for revelry, celebration, and a whole lot of New Year’s Eve drinking. Obviously, when the ball drops, we’ll be sipping champagne. But, if you think you’re going to spend your whole evening on the champers, you’re in for an early/ dizzy bedtime. You might enjoy yourself (for a few hours), but soon you’ll be tucked into a whirling carnival ride.

Since imbibing champagne all night is a worse idea than searching the woods for a grizzly Bear to hug, you’ll have to fill your glass with something else. But, in an overflowing world of booze, how do you choose what to drink? Well, Google is here to help. The search engine just released its annual “Year in Search Data” for 2017. All day every day, people all over the world searched Google for local and national news, movies, politics, pop culture, and even cocktails.

Take a look at what your fellow humans are searching for and make your picks accordingly. Maybe you go with something lesser known, prepped at home, or maybe you test your local bartender with one of the fan favorites on the list. It’s all in your hands, 2018 is all you!

10.) Irish Car Bomb

One of the strangest (and potentially offensive?) named cocktails on the list. This St. Patrick’s Day classic simply consists of a half pint of Guinness with a shot of half Jameson/half Baileys dropped in (hence the bomb). This cocktail (if you can even call it that) must be chugged immediately or else it will curdle. Nobody wants that.

9.) Old Fashioned

One of the most popular classic cocktails, the Old Fashioned is made by muddling sugar and bitters in a rocks glass. Its finished by adding ice and whiskey (rye or bourbon) with an orange twist and an orange peel as a garnish. This classy cocktail will instantly make your New Year’s gathering more dapper and elegant.

8.) Cosmopolitan

This underrated cocktail is made with vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice. Everything is added to a shaker and then shaken up before being strained into a cocktail glass. It’s simple and delicious and is sure to amp up any NYE get-together.

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