Your Guide To The World’s Most (In)Famous Spring Break Destinations

02.20.19 5 months ago

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Spring break often gets a bad rap (unlike Spring Breakers, which is a modern masterpiece). But there’s a reason MTV set up shop on Daytona Beach in 1986 to film the antics of college kids on a week-long break: partying is fun. The channel continued to air their frenetic, chaotic coverage every year until 2005, when the revelry was shifted to MTVU where it held on until 2014.

This year, MTV is bringing spraaaaaang breaaaaaaak back. There’s probably a PowerPoint somewhere that explains this move to the company’s board, but the reasoning pretty much starts and ends with: Who doesn’t want to see some of the world’s sexiest people hanging out in the most beautiful beach towns in the world? The resurgence isn’t just limited to junk TV, either. Amid crackdowns at many of the spring break hotspots, destinations like Panama City Beach and South Padre Island are coming back to the communal beer bong ring and making big bets on filling bars and beaches with college kids gone wild.

If you’re planning a spring break in 2019, let the list below guide you through all the classic spots. You’ll recognize most of them — because it’s no great secret where people party in March. As always, be safe, respect the boundaries of others, ask questions about the origins of literally anything you choose to put in your body, and have fun.


Calling out the entire nation of the Bahamas as a spring break destination is casting a wide net. The Bahamian chain covers over 700 islands, meaning you’re going to have to decide exactly where to go within the archipelago. Regardless of which hub you settle on, you can count on a background of crystal-clear water and pristine white sand beaches, duty-free shopping, and luxury accommodations.

Nassau is home to spring break staple Señor Frogs, which is a major tourist spot guaranteed to get you drinking and having fun. If you want to break free of the tourist experience, head to The Daiquiri Shack for tropical drinks made by hand from fresh fruit. A lot of people heading to the Bahamian islands stay in a mega resort like Atlantis, Paradise Island — which is like going to Vegas and staying in the Bellagio. It’s a world unto itself, with 11 pools, a water park, five miles of beaches, and golf course to keep you occupied. But if you want to push your way through streets crowded with fellow partiers and have a real bacchanal, try heading to Freeport, where the town square becomes a mass of vacationing college kids marauding from bar to bar.

If you go, you have to see… the swimming pigs. Located in Outer Exuma Islands is Big Major Cay, a small island filled with friendly, swimming pigs. You can frolic with them and delight your Instagram followers with the pictures. (Yes, this is where Billy McFarland and Ja Rule took the Fyre Fest crew.)

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