3D Printed Food Is Coming To A Restaurant Near You

3D Printing is changing the world of guns, souvenirs, medicine, and now food. 3D printed food may sound like sci-fi, but it’s already a reality in some capacity.

A company called byFlow has created a 3D printer that utilizes pastes of any variety to build food items in a few smooth movements of a wand. The limitations of flavor and design are only limited to the chef’s imagination. A start up called Food Ink. has been utilizing byFlow’s devices to test pop up restaurants in Venlo and London this summer. Their events have been rousing successes of art, technology, and food blending into a single dining experience. It’s an experience you’re not going to find anywhere else at the moment.

Food Ink. has some lofty goals in their pursuit of blending all of that art, technology, and food, according to their website: “Just as gastronomy involves more than food, our vision goes beyond technology. It is about the best of what the past has to teach us in order to make the best of what possibilities lie before us. Art, music, poetry, philosophy, tradition… Without all that, technology is meaningless.” That’s a lot to unpack for a plate of hummus.

So far, 3D printing has been used for novelty purposes. It seems that that is about to change. The application of 3D printed food goes far beyond haute cuisine. The US Department of Defense is in the process of introducing 3D printing into mess halls to better feed our soldiers. Pizzas are already being printed. Even NASA is in on the 3D printed food game for their long haul missions with earthbound implications that could help ease world hunger. The technology is moving fast, and it seems there are plenty of chefs out there to step up and find new and wonderful worlds of food.

Here are some cool 3D printed foods already out there to tempt us all.



(via Eater)