’42 Grams’ And Where The Art Of Cooking And Filmmaking Intersect

11.17.17 4 months ago

Gunpowder and Sky

When you think about the difference between food and cinema, they seem like entirely separate creative endeavors. While movies bombard you with sight and sound, food takes on the other three senses, relying on taste, smell, and even touch to connect with its audiences. In the documentary 42 Grams, which premiered at this year’s Austin Film Festival, these two worlds combine, as we watch a chef go from serving meals out of his kitchen to opening up his own restaurant, as well as his quest to obtain a coveted Michelin Star rating.

After the premiere, we got the chance to talk to the subject of the documentary, chef Jake Bickelhaupt, and the director, Jack C. Newell, about how their creative endeavors ended up intertwining over the course of filming, and the resulting collaboration that brought 42 Grams to life.

Having spent a decade working in some of the best-known kitchens in Chicago, Bickelhaupt wanted a better way to connect with those he was cooking for. Inspired by the underground dining movement, he and his then-wife, Alexa, started running a restaurant out of their home.

Gunpowder and Sky

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