Here’s An $8 Microscope For Your Smartphone

Attention nerds: If you like gadgets for your smartphone and you love optical microscopes, today is the day you kiss me full on the mouth.

Using twice the magnification power of a jeweler’s loupe, and slightly less magnification than a cheap pocket microscope, this 60x magnification 10mm lens microscope clips right to your cell phone’s camera lens.

It has both an LED light and a UV light to help you find the particles you’re looking for. It’s powered by three watch batteries and the price includes a little carrying case.

According to the Amazon reviews, it takes a few tries to get things into focus, but combined with your phone’s zoom, you can get some really neat pictures. There are other versions of the clip-on cell phone microscope on Amazon, and they’re all about the same price with about the same positive reviews. I can only conclude that this is a neat stocking-stuffer gift, which is why I immediately bought one.

My Russian is only good enough to tell you how far away the train station is, so I have no idea what this guy is saying as he unboxes and tries it out on his own phone:

(Via BoingBoing)