A Simple Act Of Kindness Brings A Homeless Veteran To Tears

The gift of a free meal from a warm heart brings a homeless veteran to tears in a new video that’s gaining momentum online.

Max Zahir posted a video on YouTube this week of his trip to a Carl’s Jr drive-thru with a vet that’s down on his luck and in need of a hand. In addition to providing the man with some food, he offers to buy more meals in the future to help get this guy back on his feet. Things get very throat-lumpy very quickly as the appreciative vet shares a hug with his new friend.

“Nobody’s showed me this much kindness in a while,” says the man as he tears up.

Zahir shared his reason for putting the video of his act kindness online in the clip’s accompanying YouTube description. He says wants to put a spotlight on America’s homeless vets and show that the people you see on the streets are human beings in need:

Today I met this homeless war veteran on the gas station. He approached me and asked me for change. I said what do you need the change for?? He said he hasn’t eaten since yesterday. So I told him to hop in the car and let me buy you food. Take a look at the video. The idea behind this video is not every homeless person asks for money to buy drugs and also to raise awareness for our homeless veterans.

The clip has earned a mixed response from commenters. Some praise Zahir for the help he’s provided, while others think filming the gesture is in poor taste. The video is also the centerpiece of Zahir’s GoFundMe project where he’s asking for $10,000 to buy sleeping bags, blankets and food for the homeless this winter. At the moment, $2,215 has been raised by 103 donors with that total growing by the hour.

(via Bro Bible)