Amazon Dash Button Adds New Brands So You Never Have To Leave Home Again

Exactly one year ago, we did a story about Amazon’s ‘Dash Button.’ If you don’t recall, the Dash Button is a small plastic device that adheres to surfaces like walls and counters and foreheads. Each device is specific to a product and, when you notice you’re running low on that product, you can restock with the press of a button. The Dash Button uses WiFi to connect to your Amazon Prime account where you’ve already submitted payment information and specifics about future orders. In two days, the goodies arrive! Hooray, sedentary America!

A year after the introduction of the Dash Button, we are here to tell you that tons of your favorite brands have been added to the service, and there are more than 100 Amazon Dash Buttons now available with the press of a button (ordering the buttons at the push of a button might be peak laziness). Here’s the lineup: Charmin’, Doritos, Energizer, Red Bull, Starbucks, Trojan, and Vitamin Water so you never have to leave your house again. Keep in mind, the products don’t arrive instantly, so even though Trojan is on board, you’ll have to anticipate needing protection a few days in advance.

Orders via Dash Buttons have grown by 75 percent over the last three months. While this is likely attributed to the growing success of Amazon’s product, it could also have something to do with the fact that little kids and also somewhat larger kids can’t resist pressing a button. Honestly, we’d be pretty excited to give it a whirl a few times ourselves.

Amazon has obviously thought of this and, if you hit the button more than once, it won’t reorder until the product has been delivered to your house. But this feature can be turned off and trusty, risk-taking parents can let their kids order until the house is just all Doritos and toilet paper.

A full list of participating companies can be found here.

(Via The Verge)