Your Guide To The Best Deals On ‘Amazon Digital Day’

Today is probably the least busy Friday of the year, and Amazon is taking full advantage of your free time and Christmas bonuses with Amazon Digital Day — where all their digital goodies go on deep, deep discount. With sales on movies, music, games, books, and more, there are, according to Amazon itself, 5,000 deals to take advantage of.

So, what’s worth looking at?

  • For TV shows, though, the deals might be strongest, as Amazon is cutting prices by up to half: Buying seasons of shows via Amazon is already a fairly sweet deal in most cases, especially for premium shows like American Gods and Game Of Thrones, which are already cheaper as a set than on a per-episode basis. If there’s a show you’ve been wanting to get into and can’t find on streaming, or just you’d rather spend this freezing weekend indoors with a blanket, you’ll have plenty to distract you.
  • Amazon has a lot of recent movies on sale: Among the titles with a discount are Wonder Woman, on sale for only $7.99. Make a point of checking physical media first. Especially with apps like Movies Anywhere, you may be able to get a disc with a digital code for less, or the price might be lower on another service even with the cut.
  • There’s also a bunch of streaming services worth looking at: First off, subscribe to HBO Now via Amazon and you get a discount on the first month in the form of a $10 gift card. But if you’re a bit more of a film fan, there’s also Filmstruck, which is offering a 30-day free trial. Got a lot of cartoon fans in the house? Boomerang will be 25% off for an annual subscription. And, if you’re running a custom digital media server, a Plex subscription is 25% off.
  • And gamers should keep an eye out: Amazon is cutting a third off recent titles like NBA 2K18 and Civilization VI, although make a point of checking platform, as Amazon tends to offer better deals on PC codes.

Find a good deal today? Let us know in the comments!