Andie MacDowell Took Criticism In Stride When Twitter Skewered Her First-Class Problem

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Actress Andie MacDowell found herself in a social media pickle on Sunday while complaining about her travel accommodations. She actually didn’t do anything terrible, but was simply venting out of frustration, which many folks do because air travel can leave one feeling powerless. However, any celebrity will see their words scrutinized to a much greater degree than a non-celebrity will experience. The perks of fame can also lead to downsides, and MacDowell’s choice of words didn’t win her any new fans. She tweeted a photo after being downgraded from her first-class seat to coach (because of her dog), where she posed with fans. The one error MacDowell made was referring to her new location as “tourist” class.

She explained her angst further, which didn’t help the situation.

Let’s just say the reactions to MacDowell’s tweets were not kind and not worth repeating, but MacDowell’s rant continued. Folks took offense from the beginning, and MacDowell tried to explain further, but no one budged. If there’s a deeper meaning, it’s that angst-tweeting at a company is a universal urge. Also, everyone will find themselves embarrassed by autocorrect at some point in their digital lives.

Then MacDowell tweeted some photos of her poor pup, who had no idea he started a controversy. Who doesn’t love dogs?

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