The Most Awesome Things No One Ever Tells You About Being Married

Life & Culture Editor
03.13.16 8 Comments
marshall and lily


Being married is awesome. Not only do you get to live with (hopefully) your best friend in the entire world (who also does the sex with you), but you get breaks on taxes, someone to go pick up that pizza when you both decide that going out on Saturday night is just too much work, and half of everything they own is yours if your spouse accidentally dies under mysterious circumstances. But aside from the usual excitement of knowing that marriage means never having to testify against your partner in court (and all that love and security nonsense), there’s a whole bunch of special little joys that only married couples know.

Here are a few benefits of being married that go beyond “living longer” and “enjoying the emotional support you so richly deserve after the sh*tty childhood you had.”

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