Watch Kevin (And Michael!) Bacon Creep People Out In A Delightfully Odd Ad For Eggs

If you don’t crack a smile while watching the Bacon brothers’ new ad for eggs, it’s possible that you have no soul. Or you might just need breakfast. It’s National Pancake Day and yesterday celebrated cereal, so it’s not like you haven’t had reminders. Now you have the Bacon brothers trying to jam their eggs into your mouth.

The thing is, eggs are sort of a hot topic these days. With the connection between cholesterol and heart disease being chipped away at by the day, eggs have the potential to become the Next Big Superfood. So, they’ve put their faith in a jingle.

It’s not Kevin Bacon’s first crack at promoting the Incredible Edible Egg. Last year, he put out an ad that was a minute shorter and a whole lot more awkward. In this year’s spot, he’s teamed up with his lesser-known brother Michael to scare families around America.

“People really got a kick out of last year’s campaign,” Kevin Bacon explained, “and this year, we wanted to make it a Bacon Brothers effort. Who better to continue waking people up to eggs than the duo who knows and likes eggs best? It’s an unexpected and clever way to promote the incredible edible egg and have a little fun with our name in the process.”

“Waking people up” is precisely why the ad is surprisingly funny. A lot of ads show people in improbable situations acting like it’s NBD that dachshunds dressed as hot dogs are bounding toward them as they’re dressed as bottles of ketchup and mustard. But this one truly portrays the terror that is waking to Kevin Bacon sleeping between you and your spouse. Also featured: a hilariously sullen teenager, a ukulele and a guitar, a pair of cops who escort the trespassing brothers out of the bathroom of a showering man.