The AirBnb Host That Canceled A Reservation Due To Race Has To Pay $5,000 And Complete An Asian Studies Class

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The AirBnb host who was banned permanently after canceling a reservation due to race has agreed to pay a $5,000 fine for her actions and will attend a “college course in Asian-American studies” according to CBS News. Dyne Suh had reserved the house in Big Bear, California back in February and was in contact with the owner, Tami Barker, via the AirBnb app. The dispute seemed to stem from Suh’s request about more guests, something Barker agreed to according to CBS News, and quickly turned ugly when the host canceled the reservation and told Suh she wouldn’t rent to her, punctuating it with the message,”One word says it all. Asian.”

Suh immediately filed a complaint with AirBnb, leading to Barker’s permanent ban, but that was only the beginning of the former host’s trouble. An investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing found that Barker had violated the state’s “civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in places of public accommodation” according to the LA Times. Barker reached an agreement with officials to publicly apologize to Suh, pay the $5,000 fine, and attend the Asian-American course, and also perform community service for a civil rights organization in the near future. Edward Lee, Barker’s attorney, released this statement addressing the agreement and the end of the disagreement:

“While regretful for her impetuous actions and comments made on the evening of Feb. 17, 2017, Miss Barker is pleased to have resolved her claims with Miss Dyne Suh and the DFEH in a manner that can hopefully bring a positive outcome out of an unfortunate incident.”

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