Bartenders Tell Us The Strangest Dates They’ve Ever Seen

12.06.17 1 year ago


You might not like this, but bartenders see and hear everything. Just because they’re silently making your cocktail, that doesn’t mean they don’t savvy your unnecessarily loud first date convo. You might think that explaining your love for horse dressage, everything bagels, and Teen Wolf is extremely fascinating to your Tinder match, but the bartender may have other thoughts.

Of course, not all dates feature smirk-inducing mundanity. Some are wild and bizarre. Rest assured, bartenders don’t forgot about those ones. That’s why we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us the strangest dates they’ve ever witnessed from their vantage point.

The ghost


Stephanie Wheeler, head bartender at The Bar at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco

“As you can probably imagine Tinder date stories abound. But the strangest and surprisingly most common is the repeat ‘ghoster’. This is a person who ghosts on every date, but never changes venues, and sometimes sees more than one match in the same night, often hiding in the bathroom or behind the venue waiting for the turnover. Some of these “ghosters” have it down to such an art that they even order the same drinks and food every time. We see you… the bartender sees everything.”

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