Think The Bermuda Triangle Is Scary? Travel To These Locations To Witness Our Planet At Its Most Bizarre

10.26.16 1 year ago 8 Comments


The Bermuda Triangle has been everywhere lately thanks to its strange, but perfectly explainable, hexagonal clouds. But while the Triangle gets most of the attention, there are plenty of other mysterious (and frightening) places you really don’t want to take a boat or a plane through. In order to help you plan your next trip in such a way that you’ll have the best chances of survival, we’ve put together a list of other “bermuda triangles” you may want to avoid:

The Sierra Triangle


The Sierra Nevada mountains are one of the most dangerous places to be in the air, and nowhere is this more true than the triangle of land between Reno, Las Vegas, and Fresno. It’s estimated that over 2,000 aircrafts have crashed in the area, thanks largely to the wind conditions. The Sierra Nevada mountains are almost perfectly perpendicular to the Jet Stream, with smooth winds on the western side of the range giving way to sudden, violent turbulence that can take even experienced pilots (not to mention anxious flyers) by surprise.

Not helping matters, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, is that the Groom Lake area of Edwards Air Force Base, better known as Area 51, is right in the Triangle. Many believe aircraft that get too close are mysteriously compromised by alien technology and forced to crash. Of course, the Air Force generally crashes planes by, uh, shooting them, so this may be overstated. But if you’re in the area, maybe consider a nice train trip instead.

The South Atlantic Anomaly


There’s a place in the Atlantic where, no matter where you are, even in space, laptops shut down, cell phones stop working, and your life is quickly thrust into mortal peril. Because of aliens? No. Because of something much scarier: Radiation.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a spot on the Earth which covers most of the ocean off the coast of South America — where the planet’s magnetic field is at its weakest — and thus exposes you to the most radiation. Close to the ground, this results in occasional malfunctions that are more annoying that eerie, but the higher up you get, the more dangerous it is. The South Atlantic Anomaly has trashed laptops on space shuttles, started the events that destroyed the most powerful x-ray observatory in orbit, and is notorious among astronauts for messing with their eyesight. So, as space travel takes off, shut off your phone as soon as you spot South America out the window.

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