De-Stress Your Life With These Five Mindfulness And Meditation Apps

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Stress is at the center of every American life. But we can ease that stress away from us with a regular meditation practice. But, if you’re not sure where to start, or want something a bit more focused than your current practice, turn to these five apps.


✨it is in darkness that we find our light.✨ ✨so much pain in the world right now, but I find myself asking “isn’t their always this much pain? Do we just don’t see it or we choose not to be aware of it?” Maybe it is because we don’t live in a war torn country, maybe it is because it is just too much to think about. ✨some people don’t have the choice. Some people wake up each day to poverty: no food, no clean water, disease, trauma, and terror. We get a glimpse of this when terrible traumas happen on our own turf. ✨These are the times when we have the opportunity to make real change, when we the people can stand up and demand that our family members are no longer taken away from us by the hands of those who are unwell, of those who seek to break us. We can be united, we can be on each other’s side and we can create change! #yeswecan #unite #love #bodyblisslife @daughtersofculture #traveltodaytv

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Need to get started? Headspace has an excellent beginner’s program of ten-minute sessions that get you used to practice and settled in what’s best for you. They can also offer you a good grip on where to go once it’s done. Above the beginner level, it’s a paid app, but whether you choose to stick with it or prefer to switch to another app, it’s a good starting point.


Calm is all about fitting mindfulness into your busy day. Whether it’s a three-minute session on your coffee break or a 25-minute session to settle before bed, it’s got the tools. Also highly useful is the Daily Calm, a guided meditation you can use at the beginning or end of your day to de-stress and either get going or set settled.

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