Here Are The Best Beers In America’s Southeastern States

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What’s the single best beer brewed in your state? You just get one pick. No ties, no second place, no “also ran.”

Tough, right? Sure to cause a flame war in the comments? Well let’s get ready to throw down, because this week we’re going through every region of the country and picking the very best beer in each state. These are the beers worth traveling for, the beers that demand your love, the very cream of the crop.

We looked for the tastiest, the hoppiest, the maltiest — the single most iconic brew in each of the 50 states. These are the best beers from the Southeastern Region. Cheers!


Not gonna lie, when we think Alabama we think hot and muggy summer days that need a refreshing drink to cut through all that humidity.

Luckily Trimtab Brewing Company makes just the beer for that occasion. Their Raspberry Berliner Weisse is a crisp example of the style, made with loving precision. They’ve already added the requisite “schuss” of raspberry into the beer and were wise enough not to overdo it with the sweetness (which is often the problem when brewers add that shuss to their Berliner Weisse). This allows the lemon tartness derived from the yeasts to shine brightly along with the mellow wheat maltiness of the brew. It’s a like a sour fruit breeze on a hot Alabama night.

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