These Are The Ten Best American Cities To Live In If You Love Beer


Craft beer is on a rocket ship to the stars at the moment. 2016 saw a record sales increase to a total of $23.5 billion, meaning craft beer now accounts for 22 percent of the overall American beer market. Craft breweries brewed 24.6 million barrels in 2016. To put that into real numbers, at 3,968 ounces per barrel (31 gallons), that’s 8,134,400,000 12 oz. cans of beer. That’s more than one craft beer for every single living human being on the planet (with a few hundred million to spare) being made in America last year.

So, yeah, we like to drink beer. But where are the best places to drink it? The people over at Infogroup wanted an answer to that question. So they looked into their own business database of 15 million records to “identify which metro areas, regardless of population, are home to the most beer retailers and breweries, including craft and microbreweries.” After that, they ranked US cities by “their concentration of beer-related businesses per 10,000 residents.” Basically, they found the cities where you’ll be most awash in beer and beer culture. Interestingly, most of the cities (towns really) were the more out of the way places — where low populations celebrate a big beer scene.

Here are the top ten places to live if you love beer and want it all around you all the time.


Mount Vernon is a sleepy town north of Seattle. It’s known for its Tulip Festival and as a jumping off point to the San Juan Islands. And, it has a great and very localized beer scene.


Halfway between Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio you’ll find the town of Mansfield. It’s a small town of less than 50,000 people with burgeoning craft brewery scene.