These Are The Best Doughnuts In America, According To The Masses

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06.09.17 20 Comments


Ready a cup of coffee. You’re gonna need it. What is the best doughnut out there? That’s actually a pretty easy question to answer. All of them, duh. Okay, okay. Some are tastier than others and we all have our go-to doughnut when we need a little sugar-filled indulgence. Plus, there are so many options — creme-filled, chocolate frosted, powdered, maple’d, jelly’d. We warned you to get that cup of coffee ready.

So which doughnut stands above them all as the best? Over at Ranker they wanted to know exactly that and asked their users to vote. A top ten emerged that pretty much focused on the classics. However, the Apple Fritter landed at 15th! Which, come, on! They’re delicious and full of apple. Ranker voters, explain yourselves and your custard love!


A custard filled doughnut is a stone-cold classic. It’s a fried pastry that’s dusted in sugar and then filled with a nice vanilla or chocolate custard creme that’s as messy as it is delectable. Still, no fritter?

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