These Are The Best Doughnuts In America, According To The Masses


Ready a cup of coffee. You’re gonna need it. What is the best doughnut out there? That’s actually a pretty easy question to answer. All of them, duh. Okay, okay. Some are tastier than others and we all have our go-to doughnut when we need a little sugar-filled indulgence. Plus, there are so many options — creme-filled, chocolate frosted, powdered, maple’d, jelly’d. We warned you to get that cup of coffee ready.

So which doughnut stands above them all as the best? Over at Ranker they wanted to know exactly that and asked their users to vote. A top ten emerged that pretty much focused on the classics. However, the Apple Fritter landed at 15th! Which, come, on! They’re delicious and full of apple. Ranker voters, explain yourselves and your custard love!


A custard filled doughnut is a stone-cold classic. It’s a fried pastry that’s dusted in sugar and then filled with a nice vanilla or chocolate custard creme that’s as messy as it is delectable. Still, no fritter?


Double chocolate speaks for itself. It’s chocolate that’s doubled. Which is a resounding win for chocolate lovers who need extra chocolate on their chocolate.


At number eight is another classic doughnut (did your family buy these in the Hostess box as a kid?). Although the messiness of the powdered sugar had us initially questioning how this one made it into the top ten. Then we remember the softness of the powdered sugar coating the perfect fried ring of dough and all our doubts of this doughnut’s greatness slip away.


Is custard filling a little heavy for you? Then this is the doughnut for you. This doughnut orb is filled to the brim with fruity jelly adding a red sugar boost that borders on the decadent.


Cinnamon is a hit or miss spice for a lot of people, so it’s a bit of surprise to see it in the top ten rather than, say, an apple fritter(!). However, this standard doughnut with a dusting of fine sugar and cinnamon is a spicy change up to the rest of the sugar bombs on the list.


Ah, the maple doughnut. This is another classic whether it comes in ring or bar form. The smear of maple frosting over a classic piece of fried dough is a nice change up to the usual sugar or chocolate forward doughnuts. This could maybe even go higher!


Speaking of chocolate, add some motley sprinkles and you have another winning combination. Fried dough, glazed in chocolate frosting, and then covered in crunchy “mmm, sprinkles” is a classic of the American doughnut oeuvre.


Shout out to Boston. This doughnut orb is not only filled with delicious vanilla creme but also frosted in dark chocolate goodness. We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume Dunkin Donuts probably has the best ones.


A simple doughnut frosted with chocolate. It’s easy. It’s sweet. It’s fried dough. It’s covered in chocolate. What more could a doughnut lover want or need?


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A top the pack of delicious doughnuts is the humble glazed. The world has spoken and they don’t need doughnuts topped with Cap’n Crunch or strips of bacon or even cronuts. They love the simplicity of a piece of fried dough dipped in a sugar glaze. It’s straightforward, unmessy, and delicious. That’s a winning combo.