The Best Travel Tuesday Flight Deals For The Week

Welcome to Uproxx Travel’s new weekly roundup of the best airfare deals floating around the internet. Our aim is to encourage you, and give you the tools to find insanely cheap deals online to book that dream vacation or a jaunty weekend getaway.

Below are some of the best deals right now. That means it’s time to strike while the iron is scorching and buy a ticket. Some of these fares will only exist for the day or even a couple hours. So now is the moment. Be spontaneous! Live a little!


If you’re in Ohio, you’re in luck. Between now and October 31st, Delta is running a special deal on flights from Cincinnati, Ohio. Prices start at $109 one way from Cincinnati to various cities across America. You’ll need to travel between November 6, 2017 and March 7, 2018.

Also, don’t forget to check out Delta’s Last Minute Deals in case there’s a sale on at your airport. One way flights are also start at $109 for destinations across the U.S.


Right now, Southwest is running a Nationwide Sale. Flights from all over the U.S. and to places in the Caribbean and Mexico are on for as low as $50. But this is one you’ll have to shop. Enter your home city and see what’s up. You’ll need to book by October 26th and travel between October 31st and May 23rd next year. Some other blackout dates apply for international travel spots.


Jet Blue’s Best Fare Finder is always worth a gander. It’s also time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving travel plans. Prices are starting to peak around the holiday. For example, a flight from NYC to Seattle is $194 one way if you can fly on the holiday, but goes up considerably if you can’t. Food for thought.


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Kayak Explore is always a great tool for finding fantastic flight deals. Just set your home city, a time frame, and slide the map around until you find a roundtrip price you just can’t say no to.

This week flights from Boston to points in South America, the Caribbean, and Europe are super cheap around January. Standouts to Europe include $250 roundtrip to Brussels, $340 roundtrip to Berlin, $343 roundtrip to Madrid, and $325 roundtrip to Norway. South America has great deals to Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador all for around $250-$350. And there are great deals to the Caribbean for around $260 roundtrip — and they’ll need your tourist dollars this year the most after an especially vicious hurricane season.


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WowAir continues to be one of the best places to snag insanely cheap one-way tickets from the US to Europe on the regular. This week you can get a last-minute deal from Miami to Reykjavik for $99 one way. And looking out further into the next calendar year, flights are going to stay cheap until late Spring 2018.


Norwegian Air is one of the best and cheapest competitors flying Trans-Atlantic flights right now. They’re also offering a deal on their Premium Class seats — which are like the old school first class with much bigger seats, in-seat TV, and free food and booze. Their current Premium Class deals are really close in price to a first-rate airline’s average economy ticket price. It’s Premium Economy for Economy prices and you can’t beat that.


Skyscanner is another great tool to have in your travel toolbox. Simply enter your home city (or nearby airport you’re willing to drive to) and check out where it’s cheap to fly right now. Big green dots will be the cheapest and little red dots are the most expensive.

There are deals from NYC to Florida and Colorado for $80-$90 right now.


Do you follow Error Fares on Twitter? No? Go follow that handle right fucking now. Seriously.

Right now, Error Fares is highlighting deals from California cities to London that all run around $240 to $290 round trip. Each of the tweets link back to where you can find the flight deal. But be warned, error fares can be canceled and refunded. This doesn’t always happen but is a possibility. You’ve been warned.


Secret Flying is another Twitter handle you should be keeping a close eye on. There is a constant thread of posts on great deals that are last minute deals, errors fares, or just sales.

Currently, there’ are great flights from NYC to Atlanta for $136 roundtrip, Baltimore to Miami for $80 (!) roundtrip, Phoenix to the Philippines for $468 round trip, and, if you’re in Canada, Vancouver to Taipei for $505 CAD. That’s $399 roundtrip — which, say, if you’re in Seattle, might be worth the drive up to Van-city for.