A Beer Lover’s Guide To The Best Beer Bars And Breweries In Anchorage

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It’s cold up in Alaska right now. That shouldn’t stop you from taking a trip up to the tundra. The flights are cheap and the bars are open for business. If you do make it up that way this winter (or any other time of year), you’ll find a lot of great beer — with Anchorage at the epicenter of Alaska’s beer scene.

The below ten options cover a wide-breadth of classic micro-breweries, pizza joints, and growler bars. Everything is bigger and stronger in Alaska and that shines through in everything from the beer to the burgers. The best part of the Alaskan beer scene is the accessibility. This isn’t really a place for beer snobs. It’s a scene for beer fans of every walk of life. Expect good times, convivial brew heads, and plenty of comfort food as you take a deep dive into Anchorage’s awesome beer scene.

It’s worth noting, Alaska has a few draconian laws when it comes to alcohol consumption. That means a lot of the brewery taprooms close around eight PM, or have limited hours. It also means some of the breweries will only be able to serve 36 ounces of beer in-house (but five gallons for takeaway). Keep that restriction in mind when touring the city’s breweries.

Anchorage Brewing Tap Room

Anchorage Brewing Company’s Tap Room is the perfect place to introduce any weary beer traveler to the taste of Alaskan craft. The taproom sits right in the brewery, next to huge barrels of beer. There’s an almost cathedral-esque feel to the place. Beer is made and loved here.

The taproom generally has ten brews on offer. They range between seasonal hits, standards of the brewery, and experimental brews that’ll raise an eyebrow or two. There are eleven bottles available, along with growler fills in case you want to take some home. Spoiler: You’ll want to take some home. This is also a great spot to strike up a conversation with the brewery staff and locals to get a little insider information about the scene.

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