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best pizzas in america

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Deciding who makes the best pizza in America is an impossible question to answer. Lazy assumptions about New York and Chicago tend to dominate the conversation, with “The Great Pineapple Kerfuffle” making appearances every now-and-then to muddy the waters.

Honestly, all of that convo is a bit boring. Pizza is more than any debate, place, or style. Pizza is adaptable, malleable, and transcendent. The construction of baked flatbread, rich sauce, heaps of cheese, and a deluge of toppings means pizza can be all things at all times to all people. Hence, its inherent greatness.

With that in mind, we’ve dug up our comprehensive picks for the best pizza in each of and every state (with Washington, DC, thrown in for good measure). These may not be your childhood favorites. Instead, our picks are places that excel at offering a wholly unique and delicious pizza experience that feels quintessential to its state. We promise they’re all a whole hell of a lot better than the frozen pie you’re contemplating.

ALABAMA: Pints & Pies, Montgomery

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You can never go wrong with pizza and beer. Pints & Pies gets this and pairs unique pies with a stellar beer list. If you’re anywhere near Montgomery, you have to drop in.

Pints & Pies is a chill joint with a vibe that leans towards downing a few too many beers as you eat some of the best in the whole region. There are 35 beers on tap, offering almost every pairing possibility while you nosh. It’s really spectacular.

The pies are all about fresh local ingredients with a bent towards innovative, unique, and a little funky. Their Grape and Gorgonzola pie is a mix of fresh red grapes, earthy gorgonzola, and dashes of fresh rosemary. It’s a delight that challenges your perceptions of pizza in the best way possible.

That, above all things, is what we love about Pints & Pies — they don’t adhere to any made up rules about what pizza is “supposed” to be.

ALASKA: Moose’s Tooth, Anchorage

Moose’s Tooth is an Anchorage institution. It’s also one of those places that gets a massive amount of hype and 100 percent lives up to every accolade and boast. The best part, this place is only ten minutes from the Anchorage Airport. So this should definitely be your first and last stop on any Alaska trip.

Moose’s Tooth pizzas are Spinal Tap amps turned up to eleven every damn time. If you don’t like a lot of toppings on your pizza, Moose’s Tooth will cure you of that silliness with their voluptuous pies. They only have two pizzas with one topping: The pepperoni and the Margarita. The rest of the pizzas are stacked with delicious, local, and deeply comforting toppings that hit every sweet spot.

The pies are made on a fairly hefty crust the leans medium-thick. We’re not getting into Detriot or Chicago territory by any means, just light heft. From there, the world is kind of your oyster when it comes to toppings. There’s reindeer sausage, smoked Alaskan salmon, and too many more to list here. If you’re going all in on the Moose’s Tooth ethos, then grab a Mac ‘N Cheese pie with local reindeer sausage, parsley, garlic oil, and four different kinds of cheese for those macaroni noodles. Moose’s Tooth also has a legit veggie pie selection. The Forager is a “must try” — featuring roasted garlic, spinach, Roma tomatoes, portabella, crimini, and oyster mushrooms with goat, mozzarella, and provolone cheese, and plenty of garlic oil.

This is marvelous pizza that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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