Making The Case For Seattle As 2017’s Best Food Destination

Spring is here and travel season is kicking into high gear. With more and more people building their holidays around food, look for your favorite restaurants to see an influx of visitors. There are no hidden spots these days; the era of tourists lining up for cheap fare that’s been sitting under warming lamps is over.

We’re all for these changes. The “this is my place, go away” mindset has no place in the restaurant scene. Food is global and accepting; it greets people with open arms. With that global mindset in mind, we thought we’d start tossing out some of our favorite places to eat in some of our favorite cities around the world. You’ve seen Eat this City, but we wanted to let our staff take part, too.

This week we’re taking a dive into the cuisine of Seattle, Washington. You can expect to find some of the freshest fish in the country, lots of local ingredients, and a few classics thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

(In no particular order)