[UPDATED] A Running List Of All The Restaurants Closed For ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Today


Today, Feb 16, immigrants in D.C. and throughout the nation will protest Donald Trump’s immigration policies with a coordinated strike. Fueled by a word-of-mouth campaign, immigrants will take off work, abstain from school, and refrain from shopping. Instead, they’ll march through D.C. to remind the new regime that immigrants aren’t just important, they’re crucial for the continued health of this nation.

On Tuesday, The Washingtonian reported that some eateries would be limiting their hours or closing up shop completely to show solidarity with anyone leaving work to protest. Several restaurant owners made it clear that if customers were upset, they would have to understand that this is what happens when the immigrant population is threatened by the government. D.C. (and the rest of the country) can’t run without immigrants and the protest hopes to show that. While some restaurant operators say that they’ll be unaffected, others have decided to stand with their employees in solidarity.

On Wednesday, Many D.C. restaurants announced an intent to close in advance — including BusBoys and Poets (which recently grabbed headlines when a Trump supporter tipped his African-American waitress hundreds of dollars in a show of unity). All of famed chef Jose Andres’ DC-area restaurants will be closing — Zaytinya, Oyamel in the city, and all locations of Jaleo, including those in Maryland and Virginia.

“Immigrants feed America,” Andres tweeted.

Andres’ choice to close his restaurant and stand in solidarity is especially poignant, considering the fact the he was once slated to open a restaurant in Trump Hotel in D.C. Instead, after Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists while campaigning, Andres pulled out of the deal. He appeared on Anderson Cooper yesterday to discuss the $10 million dollar suit that Trump hit him with when he chose to cut ties as well as the $8 million countersuit Andres brought against the Trump in retaliation.

In his suit, Andres, who is an immigrant himself, stated that he believes that all humans deserve respect, regardless of their immigration status.

From Eater:

Andrés tells Cooper the litigation took him by surprise, noting that Trump called him in June 2015 in an attempt to assuage his worries: “He said, ‘Jose we’re winning,'” the chef recounted. Andrés, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, replied: “Mr. Trump, I’m not running on your ticket. I only want to run a successful restaurant and you’re making it really difficult.”

“I did what I had to do,” Andres said when asked about why he pulled out. And he’s doing it again by standing firm with his immigrant workers.

Other restaurants will remain open but with limited menus. At some locations, only the owners will be available to serve hungry customers, The Washingtonian reports.

D.C. won’t be the only place affected: Popular restaurants in Minneapolis will also close on Thursday, as will eateries and suppliers in Austin, Texas. Austin’s mayor, Steve Adler, has already issued his support. “This is a country of immigrants and a city of immigrants, and I love it when we stick up for each other here,” he said. Major restaurants in Phildalphia and New York will follow suit.

Tom Colicchio, who’s known for both his restaurants and his work on Top Chef, won’t close his restaurants but has tweeted his support, stating that any worker who wants to strike has his full backing:

Statements like that will surely have a big effect on potential strikers — because they’ll do so knowing that their jobs are safe.

Below is a list of the restaurants slated to be closed for the strike:

Washington D.C.

Bad Saint

Bangkok Golden
Blue 44
Brookland’s Finest
Little Red Fox
Busboys and Poets – All

Bub & Pop’s
Clare and Don’s Beach Shack
DC Empanadas (Union Market and food trucks)
El Sol
Hank’s Cocktail Bar
Hank’s Oyster Bar (all locations)
Hank’s Pasta Bar
Jaleo – All
Jetties (all locations except 1921 I St., NW)
La Caprice
Peacock Cafe
Pizzeria Paradiso – Georgetown
Pizzeria Paradiso – Old Town Alexandria
Purple Patch
Rappahannock Oyster Bar – All
Sweetgreen – All 18 D.C.-area salad shops
Thip Khao
Toli Moli
Toki Underground
Sweetgreen (18 stores)

Austin, TX

Beto’s Mexican Restaurant, 3518 E. Seventh St.
Casita Nicole Antojitos Mexicanos
El Borrego de Oro
Hay Elotes
Home Slice Pizza
Kyoten Sushiko
La Mexicana
La Placita
Las Delicias
Mi Cocina
Mi Tradicion
Regia Bakery
Rinconcito ChapinSweet Sweet Co.
El Secreto de la Abuela
Super Moreliana
Sweet Sweet Co.
Taqueria los Jaliscienses
Taqueria Arandina
Taco More North
Tacos Lylys
Taqueria Adelitas
Taqueria Arandinas
Taqueria los Jaliscienses
Los Catrachos
Torchy’s Tacos
TWC reports that El Milagro Torillas, a tortilla and chip supplier will also shut its doors in solidarity.

Los Angeles

Kitchen 24

Orange County,CA

Taco Maria (donating all profits to the ACLU)

Houston, TX

Pollo Bravo

Twin Cities, MN

Los Hornos Del Rey
Taco Taxi
Los Gallos (all locations)
World Street Kitchen and Milkjam
Al Vento
Hola Arepa
Sonora Grill
Victor’s 1959 Cafe
Las Mojarras
Panadería San Miguel
La Alborada
Mercado Central
Mi Boleto
La Poblanita
Taqueria La Hacienda
Boca Chica
Mesa Pizza (all locations)
El Burrito Mercado
El Nuevo Rodeo
La Guadalupana
La Loma
Mercado Central
Las Mojarras
Panadería San Miguel
Super Mercado Morelia
La Mexicana
Gorditas el Gordo
Merlins Rest (no kitchen)
El Chinelo Market
Tinto Cocina + Cantina
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
All of Hector Ruiz’ restaurants, including La Fresca, Costa Blanca Bistro, Cafe Ena, and Rincon 38
Zen Box Izakaya
All Blue Plate Restaurants, including The Lowry, Mercury Dining Room, The Longfellow Grill, Edina Grill, The Freehouse, 3 Squares, Groveland Tap, Highland Grill, and Bottle Rocket
Foxy Falafel
Hard Times Cafe
Joan’s in The Park
Real Meal Deli

Chicago, IL

New York City, NY

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Brooklyn, Sushi
Sushi Bar & Grill
Sushi Izakaya
Downing Street Bar
El Toreador
La Sirena Miexican Art Crafts (store)
Frankies 457 Spuntino
Prime Meats
Dough Doughnuts (Brooklyn and Manhattan locations)
Pure Thai Cookhouse
Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen
Eataly NYC Flatiron
Fowler and Wells
Bagel World
Tehuacan Deli Grocery

Farmingdale, NY


Long Island City, NY

51st bakery & Cafe

Staten Island, NJ

Cafe con Pan Bakery & Restaurant

West New York, NJ

Dulce De Leche Bakery

Philadelphia, PA

El Compadre
Sampan (closed for lunch)
Double Knot (closed for lunch)
Harp & Crown (closed for lunch)
El Azteca


Pittsburgh, PA

Las Palmas grocery store


Aceituna Grill
Anna’s Taqueria
BLR by Shojo and Shojo
The Chubby Chickpea
Comella’s Restaurant
McKenna’s Cafe
Modelo’s Market Cafe
Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse
La Posada
Sangria Restaurant & Tapas
Shojo Muqueca
Dirty Water Dough
Oliviera’s Restaurant

Aurora, CO

Durham, NC

Rue Cler Restaurant

Chapel Hill, NC

Merritt’s Store and Grill

Raleigh, NC

El Pancita

San Francisco, CA

Zuni Cafe

San Jose, CA

Chavez Supermarket (all nine locations)

Oakland, CA

Gazzali’s Supermarket (all five locations)

Des Moines, IA

La Tapatia grocery stores

Seattle, WA

Tat’s Deli

Columbia, SC

Memphis, TN

Sonoma, CA

The Reel
El Molina Central
La Hacienda
Plaza Tequila

Please note that this is a partial list. We will update it throughout the day. Many restaurants may be closed without warning. If you know of a closed restaurant not on this list, please email tips@uproxx.com or contact the author via Twitter.

(Via Eater, Billy Penn, Philly.com, Star Tribune, My Statesman, City Pages)