Give Your Inner Child An Epic Vacation In One Of These Treehouses

09.20.18 10 months ago

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For a great many people, where they stay on vacation is immaterial. As long as they’ve got a bed and some small degree of privacy, it’s all good. For these folks, a chain hotel is as every bit as ideal as a hyper-stylized hostel, a themed Airbnb, or even the back of a van. But there’s another variety of traveler who considers their accommodations a big slice of the overall travel pie. These people need novel, well-designed spaces to occupy and photograph.

For our dollar, when it comes to one-of-a-kind destinations, you can’t beat a treehouse. Most people grew up wanting one in their yards, of course, but those were simple wooden affairs with a ladder, a trap door, and maybe a s’more or two inside. When you adventure in an adult treehouse hotel, you get all the whimsy of a childhood dream deferred with unparalleled design details and unique aesthetics that delight your adult sensibilities.

The following list features treehouses from across the globe — all boasting gorgeous settings and Instagram worthy visuals. These are places sure to prompt the kid in you to get hyped and the adult in you to reach for the credit card.

Treehotel: Harads, Sweden

Swedish Lapland locals Kent Lindvall and Brita Jonsson-Lindvall were committed to making a living in their home village, but when a renovation of a former retirement home turned guesthouse failed to develop a following, they began thinking of creative solutions.

When then-unknown filmmaker Jonas Selberg Augustsén and his crew built a treehouse for their film Trädälskaren (The Tree Lover), the couple added it to their hotel offerings post-filming and it proved to be a hit. Inspired by the success of the treehouse, the owners of Treehotel reached out to three of Sweden’s foremost architects to design a space each for the property.

Now, guests can choose between a mirrored cube, a UFO, a bird’s nest, a blue cone that shifts color to orange, and a few other rooms perched high above the ground in the pine forest surrounding the main guest house. The novelty of the properties, coupled with their premium design makes them irresistible — as well as pretty dang epic on the photography front.

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