The Best Munchie-Inducing Weed Strains For Your At-Home Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is going to be… a bit different. But just because COVID-19 is forcing us to spend much of Thanksgiving pretty much the same way we’ve been spending the past eight months — alone, without pants, and eating way too much food — doesn’t mean the tradition of lying to your less hip family members about going on a “walk” with your cousins has to end. You might not get to make an excuse straight to grandma’s face, venture out to the closest park, stand in a circle, and get baked out of your mind in anticipation of the Thanksgiving feast this year, but you can definitely still smoke.

In celebration of this year’s Turkey Day, we rounded up all our favorite munchie-inducing strains. Pick one of these up to ensure that your Thanksgiving dinner — whether you’re having an at-home feast or just grabbing some fast food — is the best meal of the year. Let’s dive in!

Blue Dream

THC: 22.7%
CBD: 2%
Strain: Sativa

Is Blue Dream played out? That’s like asking a soda drinker if Coke or Pepsi are played out.

Sure, Blue Dream is so popular it was mentioned in a Justin Timberlake song, but we wouldn’t call the strain played out (can’t be as kind to Justin), we’d call it reliable. This sativa strain boasts 2% CBD content with a THC level hovering around 20%, combining for an ultra chill euphoric high that won’t weigh you down or put you into a couch-lock like the heavier indica strains.

This legend of the game is still a fun strain to smoke before you prepare a dish or do some work in the kitchen, but given its tendency to compel you to indulge your weirdest whims, it may lead you to believe pancakes should be the new Thanksgiving staple.

(Also, maybe they should???)

The Bottom Line

Blue Dream has a fruity and fragrant flavor that will smoke well before and after your meal, with a high that instantly brings a smile to your face as you devolve into a giggling idiot.

Vader OG

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 22%

Vader OG was included on our Spooky Halloween-Themed Strains list and, almost a month later, we’re still smoking it pretty frequently. While this strain is billed as a hybrid, it’s heavily indica leaning — so maybe light this one up right before you sit down to eat rather than before preparing any complicated dishes.

Be warned, this is very much an outside strain. It’s gassy, skunky, and dank so don’t try to light up indoors unless you like the idea of eating among the smell of smoke. The munchies will kick almost immediately with this strain, as well as the cottonmouth — so we suggest a half bowl before your meal and another half as you’re chilling out.

Just be prepared to knock out.

The Bottom Line

Stinky and dank, but a powerful hunger inducer. Smoke it outside.

Skywalker OG

THC: 20%
Strain: Hybrid

Two Star Wars-themed weed strains in a single post?

Yeah, I’m a nerd. But honestly, this hybrid strain is so good, you might as well serve it on the table alongside other Thanksgiving staples like cranberry sauce and gravy. Not only will it get you hella high thanks to Skywalker’s 20% THC average, but its strong earthy aroma and blueberry notes on the palate act as the perfect pre-dinner appetizer. It smells great, which means you can smoke it indoors without it ruining your meal and it’s genetics make it an ideal strain for morning, noon, or night.

The Bottom Line

A great smelling and tasting hybrid strain for your Thanksgiving dinner and the next day’s leftovers.

Banana OG

THC: 29.4%
Strain: Indica

Banana OG sounds like a summer strain and that’s probably because the best place to smoke it is outdoors, away from everyone. Seriously, this is the stinkiest strain we’ve ever smoked — with a pine-meets-citrus flavor that is enough to make you gag. Not selling it for you? Well, if you like to getting high out of your mind, Banana OG will take you to another dimension, it’s the strongest strain on this roundup with a THC level hovering near 30%.

That likely makes the strongest strain you’ve ever smoked, no matter how big of a self-proclaimed stoner you are. Seriously, this will absolutely derail whatever your routine is as your goals will instantly shift to 1). Getting food ASAP and 2). Falling asleep.

The Bottom Line

An indulgent strain for stoner kings and queens. This strain is guaranteed to enhance your meal, just be careful you don’t fall into an instant food coma and land face-first in the sweet potatoes.

Venom OG

THC: 16-27%
Strain: Hybrid

Venom OG is a hybrid strain with Rare Dankness and Poison OG genetics, resulting in a skunky woodsy flavor and smell that shares a lot of properties with heavy indica strains, but won’t weigh you down quite as severely. Venom OG is a bit inconsistent when it comes to average THC levels, but don’t treat that as some kind of knock on the quality of the strain, instead use that as an opportunity to zero in on the level that works best with your tolerance and just how high you want to get from a single bowl.

The Bottom Line

A great strain for lower tolerance smokers who still want all the appetite enhancing benefits of a strong high.


THC: 18-25%
CBD: <1%
Strain: Hybrid

Well, this roundup is certainly turning into a greatest hits list of my favorite personal strains. Which should tell you that I love to eat and get really, really high. Gelato is a hybrid strain with genetics from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, which both sound as delicious as they smoke, and Gelato is no different.

Featuring a peppery almost hoppy mouthfeel, Gelato is well balanced in both its indica and sativa properties making this one of the best strains to smoke no matter the occasion. Smoke it before Thanksgiving dinner. Hell, light it up during the meal before the pie!

The Bottom Line

One of the best strains you will ever smoke, no matter the occasion.

Amnesia Haze

THC: 19%
CBD: 1%
Strain: Sativa

I want to apologize for how many of these strains stink. What can I say though? The strains that smell the worst happen to induce the munchies stronger than the more pleasant varieties. Let’s get the bad out of the way first: Amnesia Haze is incredibly pungent, with an aroma that recalls burnt lemon skins.

Aside from that though, this is a great strain with a decent THC level and a complex flavor that combines berries and earthy coffee tones.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let its unsightly appearance and off-putting smell drive you away, Amnesia Haze’s terpenes are something you’ll remember vividly. Plus it’ll make your meal better, and that’s what it’s all about.

Wedding Cake

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 23-25%

One of the newest and best-tasting strains on the weed scene, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that will chill you out and enhance your senses. This makes it a great choice for hardcore stoners who want to recall that heightened rush they experienced when they first started smoking. It’ll make music better, turn bad movies watchable, give you the best sex of your life, and, yes, it’ll make food taste better.

Do that in any order and you’ll probably leave this Thanksgiving thinking it was the best you’ve had in years.

Wedding Cake boasts piney herbal notes with a noticeable hint of sweet vanilla. It’s delicious and best enjoyed through a vaporizer or bong where the flavors will truly come alive.

The Bottom Line

A special occasion strain for hardcore stoners looking to relive their earliest days of getting high. A true experience enhancer.