Chefs José Andrés and Eric Ripert Are Declaring June 25th #BourdainDay

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As we approach the June 8th anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s death, there’s sure to be quite a bit of reflection on his life and legacy. For many, the date is a fresh reminder of just what a profound loss his death was for the food and travel communities. Tributes continue to pour in and memories shared as his friends and fans grieve — still in disbelief that the larger-than-life host is really gone. For them, there will be other chefs, other tv hosts, and other travelers who will do amazing things in the space in the years to come, but — as Bourdain’s friend and host Samantha Brown said — “There’s only one Anthony Bourdain and there will never be another.”

Rather than focus on the pain of losing Bourdain, chefs and close friends José Andrés and Eric Ripert hope to honor Bourdain’s memory this year with a joyful celebration. They’ve declared June 25th, his birthday, #BourdainDay, and are encouraging people to spread the news.

The announcement came today — with Ripert sharing a video of himself and Andrés toasting Bourdain. He tweeted:

IMPORTANT! JUNE 25th ‪#BOURDAINDAY Celebrating the Life, Legacy & Birthday of our Dear Friend Anthony! Wherever U are & whoever UR with, join ‪@chefjoseandres I & share your tributes & memories using #BourdainDay & wish Anthony Peace & Happy Birthday! RT/Spread the word! CHEERS

On June 25th, the chefs are encouraging people to share their memories of Bourdain, as well as take a photo or video of themselves offering a toast to him all around the world. They can then tag it #BourdainDay to join in on the group effort. It’s a fitting tribute, taking a moment to honor Bourdain with a photo and a drink — especially since Bourdain really took the time to connect with his fans on a regular basis Ripert told Today.

“He was so popular that he couldn’t walk in the street without being stopped. But he was really, really good with his fans,” Ripert said. “[He] always posed for pictures and was incredibly patient.”

So grab a glass of your favorite libation and raise it to Anthony Bourdain on June 25th this year. It’s a nice way to connect with others — while showing his friends and family that he may gone, but his impact on the world will never be forgotten.