Has This British Pub Come Up With The Most Disgusting Drink Ever?

Hold on to your gag reflexes because The Marine Boathouse bar in Skegness, United Kingdom has come up with an unthinkable concoction to celebrate an upcoming Young Farmers Weekend, which seems to be some sort of friendly competition/party weekend for young rural farmers. They call the drink “The Badger,” which is simply a bottle of Smirnoff Ice poured into a large glass, then topped with half of a pint of Guinness. I think I can safely say that it might be the most disgusting mix of alcohol I have ever heard of, and this is considering that I once witnessed Mark Shrayber consume Chardonnay mixed with cranberry ginger ale.

Commenters were split, with one pointing out that the drink is “blasphemy and heaven at the same time.” Many even pointed out that people have apparently been drinking the Badger — or a variation of it — for years now, because never underestimate the stupid and disgusting ways human beings will come up with to ingest their alcohol.

And yet… part of me is strangely compelled to want to try to make one. Would the two flavors balance each other out, kind of like an abhorrent garbage shandy? There’s only one way to find out!

(Via Metro)