The Dust Has Settled. Here’s One Final Batch Of #BurningMan2015 Instagram Pics


Burning Man is over. The playa is back to being an abandoned, dusty desert. As we detailed previously, it’s a thing people seem to either love or hate (or love to hate). Even in pictures, it either looks like tons of fun, or it looks like a complete and utter drag. Like so many things in this world, it’s a matter of perspective. And since Burners don’t have any negative affect on the general population (besides talking about it all the damn time), there’s not much worth snarking over.

The fact is, Burners feel alive and connected to other humans when they’re at Black Rock City. Feeling alive and connected are good things, maybe two of the best things. We’re not going to sh*t on that.

Here is our final round of Instagram photos from #Burningman2015. See you next year…or not.\