These Cadbury Oreo Eggs Are Real And They’re Spectacular

When this story was originally pitched this morning — by award-winning stew maker Zach Johnston — I was skeptical. Easter eggs? So close after Christmas? We haven’t even had Valentine’s Day yet. Who’s ready to start thinking about chocolate bunnies and their leavings when we haven’t even gotten through the miserable month of January! But I was wrong, and so was everyone else who thought that Oreo Cadbury eggs wouldn’t make a huge splash untilMarch. They’re here, and if your Facebook trending bar is any indication, people really care.

So what’s in an Oreo egg, you want to know? Just what hopes and dreams are made of: Oreos and cream at the center of a big milk chocolate egg. And while they’re not exactly a part of Cadbury’s Creme Egg line, Bustle reports, no one here will hold it against them.

Because who’s going to turn down a chocolate egg you need to eat with a spoon?

As one person on Twitter put it: “This changes EVERYTHING.” True. Because all those diets we were going to go on for the new year? These eggs just killed them all. Every last one of them.

Well, okay, maybe not everyone’s. The biggest problem with the eggs you see above isn’t their calorie content. Nor is it the fact that they probably have so much sugar you’ll be bouncing off walls for days (sounds great!). Its that they’re only available in The UK (and possibly Canada) as of now. But if we can smuggle Dunk-A-Roos into this country, we can at least petition Cadbury to give us a few Oreo eggs, right?