Calgary Held Its Yearly ‘Dog Day’ That Gives Public Pools To The Dogs For The Last Day Of Summer

For the fourth year in a row, the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pools Association teamed up with the Calgary Humane Society to organize Dog Day, which turns over four of the city’s public pools to the dogs, who get to splash around on the last day of the season. The event is held for charity, and all of the proceeds go to the Humane Society. As far as the “hair factor” goes, the pools would be drained, cleaned, and refilled before next year’s season anyway, so the dogs really aren’t hurting anything. (And really, what’s a little bit of dog hair when you consider that kids have been peeing in there all summer long.)

This year about $800 was raised and more than 300 dogs participated in the event. The Calgary Humane Society is known for inventive tactics, recently going viral for a used-car-salesman pitch for a cat-adoption drive.

(Via Reddit, CBC)