Can Jon Wegener Bring Surfing Back To Its Roots With Handcrafted Boards?

At its heart, surfing is about harnessing the power of the ocean to slide around on a piece of wood.

Jon Wegener’s handcrafted alaia (Ah-LIE-ah) boards pay homage to these simpler times — reaching all the way back to surfing’s Polynesian roots. But Jon isn’t trying to make the sport regress. Instead, he’s become part of a new evolution by studying history and reigniting an interest in the designs favored by surfing’s Hawaiian forbearers.

Traditional alaia boards are finless — making them tough to grasp, even for pros like Rob Machado, Dan Malloy, and Dave Rastovich. Those who do get the hang of riding an alaia rave about the speed and feeling of pure freedom. That’s what it’s all about for Wegener. He’s a craftsman, open to new ideas while being reverent of the old ways. Every board he shapes is a reminder that surfing is about more than contests or chasing sponsorships… it’s about pursuing joy.