INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY: Who Cares If It’s Cliché? Bacon Is The F*cking Best!

08.31.15 3 years ago


"The Internet loves us."

It’s International Bacon Day! Everyone join hands and sing in harmony. And while the suckers are busy singing, the rest of us can swoop in for the last piece of bacon. Need to make more? Read on for three great ways to prepare bacon for the ones you love (like me, I’ve always been good to you).

But first, let’s take a look at some people who are doing this whole “bacon obsession” thing right (like at the New York State Fair, where they’re serving Pumpkin-Spiced Bacon).


When I’m absolutely starving, the first thing I crave is the Thomas Keller-created and ridiculously wonderful BLT-fried egg-and-cheese sandwich from the movie Spanglish. It’s perfect — everything you’ve ever wanted in a sandwich (mostly fat and salt). Here’s the behind the scenes “making of the sandwich” DVD extra. Try not to lick your screen. It makes it all rainbowy… or so I’ve heard.

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