Shouts To This Chick-fil-A For Opening (On A Sunday) Mid-Hurricane Florence


For Southerners, there are certain inalienable truths to life: no one’s sweet tea is better than your grandma’s; “Bless your heart” is about the rudest thing you could say to a person; and you never want Chick-fil-A more than on Sunday, when the fast-food chain is closed. You can count on the chicken sandwich slingers to shut their doors every Sunday, no matter what—as sure as the sun will rise. Well, almost no matter what: a Chick-fil-A in Garner, North Carolina, opened their doors for business on Sunday, Sept. 16.

If you’re full of lemonade-and-spicy-chicken envy right now, hold your horses. The franchise, just south of Raleigh, opened their doors in order to feed Hurricane Florence evacuees.

According to ABC7, franchise owners Donovan and Nikki Carless reached out to their employees to ask if they wanted to help hurricane victims—and then coordinated with the Red Cross to donate 500 sandwiches and 1,200 nuggets to three different shelters.

Evacuation notices were issued for the North Carolina coast affecting upwards of 1 million people. Officials even issued evacuation notices as far inland as Fayetteville, which is roughly 100 miles from the coast, and many people have been displaced as a result of the storm. And while Florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression, the southern state is still being pummeled by rain and the coast is still in imminent danger. In fact, according to the News & Observer, “It’s unclear when shelter evacuees will be able to return to their homes.” So a little kindness, in the form of some hot and fresh chicken nuggets could go a long way.

Say what you will about Chick-fil-A (and there is plenty to criticize about the fast-food chain), but this is objectively a wonderful thing to do.

(via Business Insider.)