Buh-Bye Pumpkin Spice: Cookie Butter Lattes Have Officially Arrived

Good news, all you Pumpkin Spice haters. The ubiquitous orange-colored beverage’s supermarket reign of terror just might be ending, thanks to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s new Cookie Butter Latte.

“This holiday season, we are excited to bring a new flavorful favorite to coffee lovers,” Senior Vice President for Global Brand Strategy Adam Tabachnikoff said in an official announcement released Tuesday. “The rich taste of Cookie Butter combined with exquisite spices makes it a perfect accompaniment to our premium espresso.”

That’s right, Cookie Butter lovers. Your moment has officially arrived. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hot beverage drinker, or whether you prefer your drinks on ice: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is offering the Cookie Butter Ice Blended, along with the Cookie Butter Latte. Both drinks feature espresso, along with flavors of brown sugar and gingerbread, and come topped with cinnamon sugar.

What will this mean for the future? We can only speculate, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if this led to the same sort of Pumpkin Spice explosion that’s been rocking our world for the past decade? Cookie Butter Pop-Tarts would definitely be a welcome addition to any breakfast plate. Cookie Butter beer? Heck, why not?

If the drink sounds delicious to you (and frankly, if it doesn’t then you need to go hide under a rock until January) you can get it at CBTL stores until December 28.