This Handy Infographic Will Show You The Top 20 Reasons You Make Bad Decisions

Everyone makes a bad decision sometimes. But do you ever wonder exactly why you’re making a choice that will eventually end in minor doom and gloom? Do you ever wonder whether your good decisions are actually due to sound thinking or just really, really good luck? Wonder no more with this handy infographic that Business Insider put together to show exactly what messes up our thinking when it comes to choosing who to vote for, what to have for lunch, and even whether to ask for that promotion or not. The only problem? There’s not just one cognitive bias affecting your decision-making process; there are 20.

Fear not, however! If you’ve ever watched G.I. Joe, you know that knowledge is half the battle, so familiarizing yourself with the potential mistakes you might make may help you never make them again. Or make different ones. Or maybe just make a few less. Either way, it’s a win. Check out the graphic below (please click here if you’re on mobile for a properly embiggened version) and then send it along to all your friends to let them know exactly which biases they suffer from. Trust me, it’ll just make your relationship stronger.

20 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Your Decisions | Business Insider (click here for larger version.)

(via Lifehacker)