The Cheapest And Most Expensive Places To Buy A Beer, Worldwide

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Every year Deutsche Bank releases their Mapping The World Prices index. This is a book of charts that looks at the price of goods and services and relates that to the general quality of life around the world. It’s jammed with numbers and prices in big spreadsheets that are honestly dizzying to look at. This year, one chart stood out to us: The analyst at Deutsche Bank calculated the average price of a beer in cities around the world.

The report cites the cost of “one beer in a neighborhood pub.” That’s a proper 500ml (16.9oz) beer too. None of this American 12oz nonsense. Overall, the report listed 47 major cities around the world and the average cost for a beer in a central or “expat” district. We don’t want you getting a headache from looking a spreadsheet of beer prices (you should only be getting headaches from too much beer consumption). So we grabbed the top five most expensive and the five least expensive spots to buy a glass a beer and made this handy list for you to peruse. Enjoy!


5. Boston, MA

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The average cost for a beer in Boston is $7.20. Boston is known for some great Irish pubs, where a pint of Guinness will run you around seven bucks, so these numbers feel right. There are also some grand craft breweries like Trillium serving some great, local beers. Either way, expect to pay a little more than average for a single beer in Boston.

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