Danielle Brooks From ‘OITNB’ Vents Over Some First-Class Airport Problems

The fourth season of Orange Is the New Black is currently streaming on Netflix and while there’s some heated debates about the current season and the direction the show is going, one thing all fans of OITNB can agree on is that Danielle Brooks who plays Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson is one of Litchfield’s standout stars. But apparently the 26-year-old actress has been getting zero love from airline employees lately, especially when it comes to flying first class. Danielle took to Twitter on Thursday to express her frustrations.

Because this is Twitter, folks had a chance to weigh in on Brooks’ experience:

While most were in support of Brooks and even gave her pointers on how to throw shade at ticket counter people, some were definitely in the “first world/ first class problems” camp:

Now it’s true, not everyone watches OITNB  or has seen Danielle Brooks perform on Broadway playing Sofia in The Color Purple — a role which she was recently nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress In A Musical. But Brooks is certainly opening up dialogue about how young women of color are treated in society. Brooks’concerns are valid and we all know that social media can be a fickle beast, but maybe this gate agent was just making small talk. You are pretty lucky to be in first class where the booze is better and you don’t have to sit with your legs up by your neck. It’s first for a reason.

(Via: US)