You Can Now Buy Pre-Packaged Deep-Fried Twinkies At Walmart, Because, America

When do you feel the proudest to be an American? Is it when you’re watching the fireworks with a big hunk of grilled meat on a flag-themed plate balanced on your lap? When you’re shooting guns at paper decals of terrorists wearing a Make America Great Again hat? How about when you’re strolling through Walmart, the most American place in America, and come upon this fine piece of cuisine?

That’s right. Your favorite fair food is now available year-round in the freezer aisle of Walmart. According to Anne D’Innocenzio, who covers the chain for the AP, the packaged deep-fried Twinkies were actually developed by Walmart in conjunction with Hostess, and will be exclusively available at Walmart for the first year of their existence. If there’s one thing we can say about Walmart, it’s that they know their clientele.

And, yes. If you’re still stuck on the words “freezer aisle,” take note. According to Grubstreet, in order to truly mimic the fair experience, the deep-fried Twinkies were designed to require heating prior to consumption. The good news is, now you’ll be able to bypass the 15-dollar tickets into the fair and enjoy the delights of its food trucks year round. We’re waiting for prepackaged deep fried butter next, please and thank you.