Deviled Eggs Are The Freaking Best And This TikTok Hack Makes Them Way Easier To Prep

“TikTok is destroying humanity,” – some boomer.

No sir, TikTok is elevating humanity into the upper echelons of evolutionary potential (while also inventing some fun dances). Our ancestors fought tooth and nail (often losing their lives, RIP) for valuable information like…. how to soften butter without a microwave, how to ensure cereal never goes stale, and how to get the secret discount at Panda Express.

TikTok is an ever-growing archive of human wisdom, and recently added to the TikTok lexicon is a mind-bending innovation to optimize one of our most cherished meals, eggs. Deviled eggs, in specific.

This Thanksgiving, North Carolina native Carolina Van DerWerker discovered a shockingly simple method to separate the yolk from the white of a hard-boiled egg in one clean fell swoop.


I’m just now figuring this out after almost 30 years on this spinning rock?

♬ original sound – Andrea VanDerwerker

Just roll the egg gently with the blade of the knife. Brilliant! Considering hors d’oeuvre has been around for centuries, how did no one find out about this, or better yet, who’s been keeping it a secret? This witchcraft was shared with the world via TicToc to absolute astonishment and uproar. The coveted top comment reads, “$22,000 for culinary school and THEY DIDENT TEACH ME THST.” [sic]

Naturally, this got some other TikTok Foodfluencers (please god, don’t let that phrase take) got excited and tried it themselves:

No longer must we suffer the burden of scooping our yolks. Never again will an egg white’s pristine form be compromised. Once again we say thank you TikTok. This Christmas expect Deviled Eggs to be mass-produced.