Science Proves That Diet Soda Is Even Worse For Us Than We Thought

11.23.16 2 years ago 13 Comments


Shocker: Diet Coke isn’t great for you. Sure, most people have known that for decades, and even the most ardent lovers of the stuff get that it’s not some miracle drug (certainly not TrimSpa, Baby!). But now science has reared its ugly head and offered up further proof that all of the things we love will be taken from us. Turns out, Diet Coke’s much worse for you than previously thought.

According to a new study, the problem with Diet Coke (and all diet sodas) is found in the sugar-substitute, Aspartame. Of course, we’ve been hearing about how terrible aspartame is for years and ignoring it because the big drink manufacturers kept soothing us, gently whispering promises that it would help us feel great and lose weight.

Even President-Elect Donald Trump knew not to mess with aspartame back in 2012:

And he didn’t care that people were going crazy over his tweet because he was trying to sell the American public some cold hard truth:

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