Drinking And Eating Behind The Wheel Could Soon Land You In A Heap Of Legal Trouble

08.08.16 3 years ago 6 Comments
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Coffee, a.k.a. God’s gift to man, is one of very few things that gets us through mornings. For a buttload of people, nothing jazzes up the morning commute quite like a blazing hot cup of joe. But that very same buttload of people could possibly be in for one rude, rude awakening if they live in Jersey. A new bill currently under consideration in the state Legislature would end eating and drinking behind the wheel as part of a campaign to reduce distracted driving.

The proposed bill “Prohibits operator of motor vehicle from engaging in distracted driving,” and would ban “any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle on a public road or highway.” So not only would your coffee get the boot, but so too would just about everything else besides your undivided attention. So it’s a no on coffee, but how about cawfee, as it’s known to Jersey folk? Also, doesn’t coffee consumption count as an activity critical to the operation of a motor vehicle? It seems unsafe to allow a bunch of sleepyheads behind the wheel.

Proposed penalties for the offense become more severe when it’s repeated. A fine “between $200 and $400 for the first offense, $400 to $600 for the second and $600 to $800 for the third, as well as a 90-day license suspension and points on the license,” will be issued to those who violate the bill. So it’s time to start sucking down your coffee with a straw long enough to reach your cup holder.

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